Limassol Children's medical Center 

The Limassol Children's medical Center is a modern pediatric center dedicated exclusively to children’s physical and mental health. At the same time, it provides expert pediatric guidance and support to parents on matters concerning the health of their children.

Specialized pediatricians offer complete health care services through advanced diagnostic methods, techniques and treatment. The collaboration of doctors across different pediatric specialties ensures prevention, accurate and early diagnosis and effective treatment of childhood and adolescence illnesses and conditions.

The purpose of the Limassol Children Pediatric Center is to provide holistic, personalized, high-quality treatment.

The center is a multispecialty facility equipped with state-of-the-art resources and all its services are offered on a 24-hour basis in a child-friendly environment. Experienced nursing staff is available to ensure excellent communication with both children and parents.

Our philosophy at the Limassol Children Medical Center is based on accurate and comprehensive medical assessment as well as multi-faceted treatment for each child, working in close collaboration with the parents.

The mission of the Limassol Children Medical Center is to provide exceptional family-centered healthcare and improve the health and wellbeing of children, in an environment that promotes love, respect and wellness. LCMC’s medical staff consists of a team of specialized, experienced pediatric experts with advanced medical training and a strong sense of responsibility.

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Dr. Paphiti Nelly
Dr. Toumbas Nicolaos
DR. Kitiris Simos
Dr. Christoforou Nicolaos
Dr. Christofi Christos
Dr. Neocleous Marios

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